ARC Review – The Mermaid’s Tale by D. G. Valdron

I’ll admit that this book is quite far out of my comfort zone. It is a genre that I rarely read and within the first few pages, assumed that I would not be able to enjoy. But I was so wrong. This story is raw and painful and in many places quite ugly. There is war and murder and rage. But the story starts to weave so intricately that it draws you in and makes you feel invested in it.

The main character is from a race that is completely discounted by all others, not even allowed to be an afterthought…not even given the recognition of being alive though they live and breathe and die like the rest. But she is hired to do a job – investigate the murder of a mermaid – and as she works to fulfill her obligation she starts to become self aware. But this is in a world where no one will give her any credit for even having a life of any value, much less credit for self awareness. So we have two plots progressing in a parallel manner – a murder investigation and our main character starting to realize that she does hold value in the world and why should she accept that she does not, simply because that is the consensus of others? In the end, even those who see her as vile see that they have some lessons to learn about the others they share their world with and their views about those different from them.

I’ll also say that it was quite refreshing to see a story this brutal have a female for the lead character. She certainly doesn’t use her feminine wiles to get ahead – as she has none. But she is strong and confident and is able to survive using her ever growing wit and intelligence to get her through.

A very good read – 5 stars.

I was given this book for free through LibraryThing Early Reviewers in exchange for an honest review.

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