Review: Little Nothing by Marisa Silver


Little Nothing by Marisa Silver

Blue Rider Press

Penguin Books

I don’t think I have ever read something quite like this story.  It starts out with a lot of realism but then quickly and sharply veers you off into the direction of fantasy and fairy tales.  The main character goes through a metamorphosis of girl to side-show attraction to wild animal to woman.  Right when she gets to the point of accepting herself, she loses herself entirely.  She falls in love…almost.  But the boy who is her heart’s desire falls for her so completely that it alters the course of his life in ways the reader could never see coming.  Along the way, she gives birth to a wolf cub who turns into a boy that is ripped from her and once again, she is lost to him just as he finds her once more.

This is one of those stories that stays with you after you put the book down.  We are left with many things to ponder, figure out, and even try to see which way they are going ~ despite the book being read to completion.

I was left with the feeling that these characters were a fairy tale ~ not a fairy tale in our world ~ but a fairy tale in the world that the author had created.  Almost a mental mirror within a mirror within a mirror situation.

It was a very odd book.  But odd in a very interesting way.


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