Review: The Ghost of Christmas Past by Michael Hebler


The Ghost of Christmas Past

By Michael Hebler

Published by Night After Night Publications, LLC

I love anything pertaining to A Christmas Carol.  So this story was definitely something that grabbed my interest.  We are taken on a journey into the past ~ the past life of The Ghost of Christmas Past itself.  We get to see all of the experiences that molded this spirit into what we have always known it as.  There are many human imperfections and foibles along the way, which was unexpected.  I didn’t expect a human life to have had an effect on this spirit or to have been joined with it an any way.  We also get to see what happens when a spirit makes a mistake and the ensuing fallout.  We are taken on a trip with the spirit in all three directions ~ the past, present, and future ~ to learn more about who this entity is, how it came to be, and what makes it tick.  Every decision ~ past, present, and future are all lined up like dominoes and you can’t change one without changing the whole.

I think this was a lovely story and well worth the read if you have a heart for Christmas. But if you happen to be like me and are a bit of a crazy fan girl over Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, it is a definite must read.

I must admit I am also wondering if Mr. Hebler will write the stories of the other two Christmas spirits as well.  I would certainly be interested in reading them if he ever does.


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