Review: Mayan Mendacity by L.J.M. Owen


Mayan Mendacity

By: L.J.M. Owen

Published by Echo Publishing

Author L.J.M. Owen has done it again with the second installment of the Dr. Pimms Intermillennial Sleuth series.  Our protagonist returns once more with her life filled to the brim with family, food, a job that spans many different aspects of Library Science and a passion for archaeology.  What a perfect combination!

This story also has a strong theme of feminism throughout the whole book.  There are many strong women having to overcome and carry on despite others trying to cut them down at every turn.  Lady Six Sky, the ancient Mayan queen that Elizabeth is researching, had the men in her life trying to take what she had worked for, for their own gain and to keep her under their thumb.  Let’s just say that this was one Mayan queen who you shouldn’t mess with and she got the last laugh.  Elizabeth Pimms herself had both men and other women (isn’t that the worst?) in this story doing all they could to harm her reputation and her career.  She had to be smart and strong to get through the situations where the truth eventually made itself known.  There was even a bit of detail in the story about Elizabeth Magie who was the inventor of the Monopoly board game, but who was never quite given the proper credit for this from the powers that be.  I really enjoyed the story being woven together with this chord of feminism.

I will once again be looking forward to the next book in this series.  I can’t wait to see where life takes Elizabeth Pimms next!


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