Review: Trust No One by Paul Cleave


Trust No One

By Paul Cleave

Published by Atria Books

This story is about a crime writer who has early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  His alter ego of sorts ~ who carries out the crimes in his books ~ starts to gain a new level of control in the author’s mind as the disease progresses.  He also has the misfortune of having misplaced trust in some of those around him who do not have his best interests at heart, while becoming suspicious of those who are truly on his side.  But the combination of Alzheimer’s disease and his confidence him himself as someone who can predict the outcome of situations due it his crime writing experience, keep him convinced that his thoughts are on the right track.

I have to say that I enjoyed this book but the ending left me feeling dejected and sad.  I felt like I had been taken on this rather rough journey only for there to be no real end and no truth coming to light.  I do understand the author’s intent to show the circular argument/thinking/situations caused by Alzheimer’s Disease.  So I do understand *why* the book ended the way it did.  I just personally didn’t feel that great about it.

But despite my thoughts on the ending this was a well written, good book.  I do recommend it to my fellow readers especially if you like a good suspense/crime story.


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