October Wrap Up

This month I finished and reviewed Mayan Mendacity by L.J.M. Owen and for my book club, I also finished and reviewed Trust No One by Paul Cleave.  I started (and am still reading) Rare Earth Exchange by Bernard Besson.  This is an e-book I got in exchange for a review from LibraryThing.

My daughter attended Maggie Stiefvater’s talk during the Southern Festival of Books.  This was the second of Maggie’s author talks that she has been to.  I would have loved to have attended myself.  In addition to Maggie Stiefvater, I would have like to have heard Donald Ray Pollock speak.  I recently finished his new book, The Heavenly Table.  He was there as well, giving more than one talk over the course of the weekend.  I didn’t end up going though, because I was driving back home from a weekend getaway and there simply wasn’t enough energy or inclination left in me to fight downtown traffic in Nashville.  But I’m glad my daughter went.  She had fun and got some more of her books autographed.


A few book purchases for October and one ARC win.  My daughter picked up Hollow City for me one day.  I won a give-a-way for Hag-Seed.  I’m really looking forward to getting into that one.  I’ve heard so much about it.


Both of these were spur of the moment purchases.  I was getting some books for a friend as a gift, when I saw The Last Dickens and decided to add it to my cart.  I picked up The Children’s Home at a discount bookstore during a weekend away with my husband.


My reading goals for November will be to at least finish Rare Earth Exchange, Updraft on Audible which I just started, start/finish Wendy Darling, as well as finish whatever ends up coming my way from the book club.  My, “in the background,” books which I may or may not spend time on are still Prisoner of Azkaban and Mayflower – info on my Goodreads page.  We’ll just have to see if those end up getting any attention or not.  :0)


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