I hate giving up on a book…


I wanted to like this book. I tried to like it. It is a very good story with lots of action and intrigue. But I simply couldn’t enjoy it enough to finish it. I got 52% of the way through, so I did give it a fair chance. I’m not really sure why I disliked it enough to bail on it – which is something I *rarely* do and it always hurts my book loving heart when I do it. So it’s not a decision I take lightly. It is translated from French and I did find the many, many references to locations in Paris ~ everything from corner stores and bakeries to apartments and government buildings ~ very distracting. Of course, it assumes the reader is at least somewhat familiar with these locations since it is a French book. But being an American with only limited knowledge of those areas, it made it hard to keep up. I tried very hard to not allow this to color my view of the book though and I will reiterate again that this is a good story.  I thought it was such a silly thing to allow to color my thoughts on a book.  But in the end I thought that perhaps it may be a valid complaint to those not familiar with the localities of that territory. I took some time to read other reviews and found other readers who felt the same way, so at least I wasn’t alone in that.

In the end, I wanted to really enjoy this book but I couldn’t. The story didn’t hold me tight enough to make the distractions worth it. It started to feel like a waste of my reading time, especially when I have so many other books waiting to be read.

Life is too short to read books you don’t enjoy.

I’m giving this book three stars on other social media sites as it is an action packed story that many readers would enjoy.  There isn’t anything wrong with the story or the writing, it simply wasn’t the book for me.

I was given this book through Early Reveiwers on LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.




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