the Blessings by Elise Juska


the Blessings by Elise Juska

This was my final book club book for the year.  I have to say, it was a nice one to end the year with.  A short and easy read, but very sweet and poignant.  This is the story of an Irish Catholic family and you get everyone’s story, each from their own perspective in turn.  It is full of all the every day-ness that we all have ~ working, cooking, worrying over one’s children and taking care of the older members of the family.  But in sharing all the simple day to day things, it shows how easy it can be to miss your own big picture.  How sometimes it’s the really big and obvious things that fall between the cracks and get lost, not just the simple things that don’t matter.

This story tells the truth of this family.  All of it – the good, bad, and ugly.  But it makes this family no less dear or loving or relatable.  I think that’s one of the reasons this book is so good.  We can see our own faltering mistakes and accomplishments in the characters.

So yes, this was a perfect selection to finish the year on in my book club.  It’s definitely worth the read.


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